Improvements I'd Make to Hyper-V Host 2012 R2

Hyper-V host 2012 R2 and by extension Windows Server 2012 R2 have just been released, and they've brought some great improvements with them. That doesn't mean there isn't still room for improvement. Here is a running list of things Id like to see in Window Server 2015 (or you know, even a service pack for 2012 R2).

  • I should be able to create (and realistically, even revert and manage) checkpoints from the Failover Cluster Manager, without having to open up Hyper-V Manager. For that matter, I should be able to do just about everything in Failover Cluster Manager that I have to do in Hyper-V Manager now. Its called a single pane of glass, and we system administrators like them.
  • If I perform a storage move from the Failover Cluster Manager (which, for clustered roles is where it HAS to be performed) I should be able to see the progress for said move without having to launch the Hyper-V Manager. 
  • I should be able to convert a hard drive from dynamically expanding to fixed size, while converting it to a smaller drive size without it being a two step process. You know, for those times when I sloppily accepted the 127GB default hard drive size
  • Speaking of, given the best practice of a) using fixed hard drive sizes and b) not putting anything on the system volume, coupled with the ability to expand a fixed hard drive size in the vhd if you really need to - why in the world is the default hard drive size 127 GB? Wouldn't 40GB be more appropriate? or even 60GB? While we're on the subject, WHY 127? Why not 130? Is this a kick back to the storage industry?
  • Either code it in that machine files and virtual disks are automatically dropped in a folder structure named for the VM they were created with, or find some other way to clean up the disk folder structure that assists in manually deleting files for VMs that are no longer in use. Heck, even a powershell command that says "List me the VM-related files that havent been used in XX number of days / weeks / months" (coupled of course with the ability to then pipe them to a delete command)
  • I learned about an obscure best practice that no one in my circle of friends was aware of - putting the ADDS sysvol shares on a SCSI drive. How bout baking that in to the ADDS role wizard, or at the very least TELLING the sys admin and letting them decide if they want to manually add a SCSI drive and restart the process.
  • If I IMPORT a VM I've previously exported, and I tell it that I want to generate a new ID the wizard should let me change the name of the hard drives and the name of the virtual machine as part of the import process.